1. see, visualize, behold, notice, take in; bend the eye, cock the eye, fix the eye, fix one's gaze, focus, rivet one's eyes; regard, study, inspect, take stock of; examine, contemplate, pore over, Rare. perlustrate; review, check out, overlook, monitor; peruse, read, scan, run the eyes over, scrutinize, Inf. give the once-over; view, survey, scout, sweep, reconnoiter; watch, observe, witness.
2. glance, glimpse, take a look at, have a look-see, give a look; gaze, peer, ogle, leer, stare, goggle; Obs. squinny, gape, gawk, Archaic. gloat; squint, blink, wink, Sl. take a gander; spy, peep, peek, steal a glance at; glare, glower, look down at, look daggers, scowl, stare down.
3. appear, seem, seem to be, look to be, have the look of; sound, strike one as, have every appearance of; have every indication of; look like, seem like, sound like, appear like, resemble, have the earmarks of.
4. face, overlook, look out on, look towards; front, front on, look over; give out on, open out on.
5. look after
a. pay attention to, heed, mark, mind, reck, watch one's step; concern oneself with, see to, take pains to.b. take care of, care for, take charge of, mind, baby-sit, sit with; chaperon, keep tabs on, Brit. play gooseberry, keep under observation, spy on, keep an eye on; minister to, nurse, succor, attend to, tend to, serve.
6. look back
review, recall, bring to mind, recollect; reflect, muse, brood, ponder, ruminate, mull over; return in thought, reminisce, be retrospective; conjure up, summon up, call to mind, hark back to, dredge up.
7. look down on or upon
disdain, contemn, hold in contempt, misprize; despise, loathe, scorn, turn one's nose up at, disparage; look askance, look asquint, look down one's nose, turn one's back on, Inf. pooh-pooh.
8. look for
a. seek, search, pursue, hunt for, go for; look around for, cast around for, poke around for, forage.b. anticipate, expect, look to, watch for, keep in view; reckon upon, count on, calculate on, pin hope on, prepare oneself for, be in readiness for.
9. look forward to
anticipate, await, wait for, be unable to wait for; envisage, envision, look ahead, foresee, see ahead.
10. look into
investigate, explore, poke into, dig into, delve into; examine, probe, fathom, plumb; inquire into, ask about, search into, go into, Archaic. indagate, research.
11. look on or upona. watch, Obs. spectate, witness, observe, eye, view, take in.b. consider, deem, regard, reckon, judge, opine; hold, think, reason, speculate, see, take.
12. look out be on guard, be alert, be wary, be vigilant; watch out, keep one's eyes peeled, keep an eye out, keep one's eyes open.
13. look over examine, inspect, check, monitor, proctor; run through, dash through, zip through, flip through; peruse, scan, speed-read.
14. look toa. see to, not forget, attend to, do, make sure to do; give mind to, pay attention to, advert to, give thought to, devote oneself to.b. turn to, refer to, resort to, have recourse to, betake oneself to; revert to, fall back on, avail oneself of, make use of.
15. look upa. search for, run down, seek out, hunt up, track down; ransack, rummage, ferret through.b. visit, pay a visit to, call upon, drop in on, go to see, look in on.c. improve, ameliorate, shape up, progress, gain; perk up, pick up, show improvement, make headway; come along, get better, grow better, make strides.
16. look up to esteem, admire, regard highly, think highly of, think well of; hold in admiration, have a high opinion of, revere, defer to; honor, extol, exalt, venerate, put on a pedestal; idolize, worship, adore, lionize.
17. glance, glimpse, side glance, regard; squint, glint, blink, wink, Fr. coup d'oeii. ogle, leer, stare, gaze, come-hither look; dirty look, scowl, glower, glare, evil eye, It. malocchio; peek, peep, flash.
18. sight, espial, first sight; inspection, search, examination, Inf. once-over, Inf. look-see, Sl. the eye, Sl. gander; scrutiny, contemplation, inquiry, autopsy; survey, sweep, reconnaisance, observation, observance, watch; review, overlook, oversight, bird's-eye view; preview, view, prospect, pre-examination.
19. aspect, appearance, expression, looks, air, hang; guise, front, facade, impression, effect; demeanor, mien, stance, posture, bearing; set, figure, cut, trim, build, frame; side, profile, shape, outline; complexion, visage, physiognomy, countenance, color, feature; semblance, resemblance, seeming, likeness, similarity, similitude, hint, fashion.

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